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Use WASD or ARROW Keys to move. Use LEFT MOUSE CLICK to fire and 1,2 or mouse scroll wheel to change weapons (down for Bow, up for Sword)
Space to increase movement speed

You are the GG - Galaxy god and your job is to protect the planet until the timer runs out. If GG or the planet dies, the game is lost. You have energy that can be used for attacking, shooting, powering the planet's shields(automatically when nearby) and boosting your movement speed. Your energy is not endless it will eventually run out. When that happens hurry and find one out of three rifts in the galaxy for an almost instant refill. But be worn, when you run out of energy or are too far away from the planet, it's shields will go offline, so pick your timing wisely. Every once in a while, the timer will turn purple, that will indicate, that the enemies are stuck in hibernation and are not able to move for a short period of time.

Criteria #1: Action Adventure
You need to find a way to keep the planet safe from the invaders, until the timer runs out while being constantly pressured to leave it unprotected and go searching for extra energy.

Criteria #2: Outer space
You are the protector of the whole galaxy and its inhabitants.

Criteria #3: Energetic
You possess a magnificent amount of energy, but it is not infinite. You need to find a balance between spending and recharging.

Criteria #4: Cartoony Sounds
Cartoony Soundtrack and sound effects fit the space theme nicely

Game made for JamDNA 8 The whole game was made within the 96 hours of jamDNA We made it all by ourselves except for two sound effects, that are triggered when you fire a crossbow or slice with a sword.
SoundEffect Credits: freesound.org - CC

For some reason, the planet explosion and transition to the end screen does not work on standalone


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