Use WASD or ARROWs to walk. Double click on the same key will trigger the dash which costs energy. Use SPACE or MOUSE BUTTON to swing your sword.

You are a lonely hero stuck on a mountain. Your job is to gather as much score as you can before you get overwhelmed. Every attack and dash costs energy. You get a small part of energy back when you kill an enemy. It also refills based on the speed of the weather:
-Snowy --> Slow refill
-Rainy --> Medium refill
-Windy --> Fast refill
-Sunny --> Fastest refill

Criteria #1: Hack and slash
You are a hero that needs to fight off monsters that are trying to destroy you. You can use your sword to cut through enemies and denying their attacks. You can also dash a short distance to avoid enemy attacks.

Criteria # 2: Nature
Two monsters are element based. Phoenix as fire and Rocky as earth. Your energy generation is highly based on the weather that changes frequently.

Criteria #3: Inertia
Monsters Phoenix and Rocky have an attack that travels in straight line. If you get hit by it you get pushed away. Phoenix will travel towards random positions on the map in a straight line until the player gets in range. If you fall off the cliff you will travel straight down to the bottom.

Criterion #4: Fanfare Music
Battle soundtrack with trumpets that boosts adrenaline. Sound effects for monsters and players actions that fit the theme

Game made for jamDNA 10 The whole game was made within the 96 hours of jamDNA We made it all by ourselves except for base soundtrack and some sound effects.

SoundTrack Credits: ROYALTY FREE MUSIC from
SoundEffects Credits:


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I enjoyed this.

Nice clean, simple graphics.

I found the cooldowns a little too much, but that is just me.

The graphics for the enemies feel a bit flat (dimensionally) to me and could do with a bit more shading, but overall I enjoyed the graphics.

The enemies could have done with some animation for jumping onto the main platform, rather than the peculiar gliding they seem to do.

Overall, this is a good simple game!